Astrakhan State University

Astrakhan State University in Russia, established in 1932, is recognized as a prominent institution in the Caspian region. The university currently boasts the following key features:
• Comprising 6 institutes and 21 faculties with 82 departments, over 40 research institutions, centers, and laboratories.آستارخان
• The student population exceeds 20,000.
• It includes 10 campuses, 6 dormitory buildings, and 37 computer centers in the city of Astrakhan.
• One of the largest multi-disciplinary educational institutions in the Caspian region.
• Astrakhan State University is acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing and most modern universities in Russia.
• Collaboration and partnership with many Turkish universities in various areas, including student exchange programs and research projects.
Astrakhan State University, emphasizing innovation in every field, consistently strives to elevate educational standards and implement research and development projects. The current teaching approaches of the university, relying on a high level of expertise among faculty members, aim to provide an excellent educational experience.
The academic staff of this university, consisting of 91 professors, 320 associate professors, and 200 assistant professors, is among the best in various fields of expertise. The diversity and specialization within the faculty members have transformed the university into a dynamic and high-quality educational center.

Faculties of Astrakhan State University of Russia

Astrakhan State University in Russia is recognized as a multidisciplinary university offering a wide range of academic disciplines across its faculties and colleges. Below is a list of the university’s faculties and colleges:Astrakhan State University campus

  1. Faculty of Economics
  2. Faculty of Information Technology and Communications
  3. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  4. Faculty of Fisheries, Biology, and Nature
  5. Faculty of Law
  6. Faculty of Civil Engineering
  7. Faculty of Vocational Education
  8. Dmitryevsky Branch
  9. Faculty of Distance Education
  10. Faculty of Advanced Vocational Education
  11. Faculty of Humanities
  12. Faculty of Oil and Gas
  13. Faculty of Marine Technology, Energy, and Transport
  14. Preliminary Faculty for Foreign Citizens
  15. College of Fishing Volga-Caspian
  16. College of Fishing Yyisky
  17. College of Fishing Dmitryevsky

Each of these faculties and colleges likely specializes in specific fields, providing students with opportunities for education in various disciplines.

The advantages offered by Astrakhan State University include a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, a harmonious blend of theoretical and practical learning, affordable tuition costs, and on-campus residency facilities. These facilities and benefits guide students toward a challenging and inspiring educational experience.

Astrakhan State University (ADU) in Russia offers a range of benefits to its students, creating a challenging and inspiring educational experience. Some of the advantages provided by the university include:

  1. Wide Spectrum of Educational Opportunities: ADU offers a diverse range of academic disciplines across its faculties and colleges, providing students with various educational opportunities.
  2. Integrated Theoretical and Practical Learning: The university emphasizes a harmonious blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, ensuring that students gain both theoretical understanding and practical skills.
  3. Affordable Tuition Costs: ADU provides affordable tuition fees, making higher education accessible to a broad spectrum of students.
  4. On-Campus Residency Facilities: The university offers on-campus dormitory facilities, providing students with convenient and affordable accommodation options.
  5. Focus on Student Development: ADU is dedicated to developing and equipping students as skilled professionals and researchers, preparing them for both life and work.
  6. Active Engagement in Industry and Commercial Sectors: Through initiatives like ADÜ Export, the university actively engages with industry and commercial sectors to share new technologies and developments.
  7. International Recognition and Collaboration: The university has gained international recognition, competing with Harvard University, and collaborates strongly with educational institutions in Germany, the United States, China, Turkey, and other countries, establishing itself as a global university.
  8. Collaboration with Sakarya University in Turkey: ADU collaborates academically with Sakarya University in Turkey, providing graduates with options for dual-degree programs from reputable universities in the United States and France.
  9. Multilingual Learning Opportunities: Students at ADU have the opportunity to learn various world languages during their academic journey, including German, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Japanese, and Chinese, showcasing cultural and linguistic diversity within the university.
  10. Cultural and Social Activities: Organized events and festivals contribute to a vibrant social life on campus, fostering cultural exchange and social interaction among students.

The overall approach of Astrakhan State University is aimed at creating a dynamic and enriching educational environment that prepares students for success in their academic and professional pursuits.

Preparatory Course (Padfik) at Astrakhan State University, Russia

The preparatory course at Astrakhan State University in Russia serves as a language learning program conducted in Russian. The choice of Russian as the instructional language is due to the university’s location in Russia and the necessity for international students to engage with the local living and academic environment.Astrakhan State University student dormitories

An integral part of the university’s educational system is the preparatory course, which lasts for seven months. The primary objectives of this course include preparing students for university admission and enhancing their language and subject-specific skills. The duration of this course is shorter compared to many preparatory courses in Russian universities, which typically last for 9 to 10 months.

Throughout the Astrakhan State University preparatory course, students dedicate approximately 612 hours to classes, covering Russian language instruction and core subjects related to their field of study. This course is specifically designed to strengthen students’ language skills and prepare them for university-level courses.

Upon completion of the preparatory course, students are required to take a final exam. By obtaining a passing grade in this exam, they become eligible to enter Astrakhan State University and continue their studies at the undergraduate level. The course, by providing a satisfactory academic level and effective preparation, equips students for success in higher education.

Astrakhan State University – DEPARTMENTS & EXPENSES

Astrakhan State University dormitory monthly fee $58
Average monthly cost of living in Astrakhan $250
1 year health insurance $100
Physical $2347 per year (4 years)
Power and Electrical engineering $2347 per year (4 years)
Electronics and Nanoelectronics $2347 per year (4 years)
Mechanical Engineering $2845 per year (4 years)
Mechatronics and Robotics $2347 per year (4 years)
Computer applied Mathematics $2478 per year (4 years)
Information Communication Technologies $2032 per year (4 years)
Quality management $2032 per year (4 years)
Computer and Information Technologies $3555 per year(4 years)
Information systems and Technologies $3555 per year (4 years)
Biomedical Engineering $3600 per year (4 years)
Agriculture Engineering $2778 per year (4 years)
Veterinary medicine $2895 per year (4 years)
architecture $3600 per year (4 years)
Biology $2345 per year (4 years)
Sociology $2345 per year (4 years)
International relations $3116 per year (4 years)
Water and Natural Resources Management $2345 per year (4 years)
Graphic design $3600 per year (4 years)
Geological Engineering $2117 per year (4 years)
Cartography $2117 per year (4 years)
Psychology $2117 per year (4 years)
Political science $2334 per year (4 years)
Economy $2758 per year (4 years)
Tourism $2758 per year (4 years)
Hotel management $2758 per year (4 years)
Business $2758 per year (4 years)
Russian Language and Literature $2880 per year (4 years)
Statistics $3117 per year (4 years)
Public administration $3117 per year (4 years)
Law $3478 per year (4 years)
Trade $3000 per year (4 years)
Advertising and Public Relations $2758 per year (4 years)
Journalism $2758 per year (4 years)
Geographic Tourism $2758 per year (4 years)
Translation and Interpreting (English) $2550 per year (4 years)
Translation and Interpretation (German) $2550 per year (4 years)
Translation and Interpretation (Persian) $2550 per year (4 years)
Translation and Interpretation (Japanese) $2550 per year (4 years)
Translation and Interpretation (Italian) $2550 per year (4 years)
Translation and Interpretation (Chinese) $2550 per year (4 years)
Chemical $2117 per year (4 years)
History $2117 per year (4 years)

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