Russia E-Visa

The Russia E-Visa, also known as the unified e-visa, became available from August 1, 2023. This e-visa is valid for the entire territory of the Russian Federation. The e-visa application process is straightforward and involves the following steps:Russia E-Visa

  1. Filling in an e-visa application form: The application starts with completing the necessary form.
  2. Making the payment: After filling out the form, the next step is to make the payment for the visa.
  3. Receiving an e-visa grant notification: Once the application is processed, you’ll receive a notification about the grant of the e-visa either on the website or via email.
  4. Printing or downloading the notification: It’s important to print out this notification or download it to your mobile device.
  5. Showing the notification to relevant authorities: You’ll need to show this notification to a transport company employee and a Border Service officer at the border crossing point​​.

To apply for a Russia e-visa, you need to have a valid passport issued by an eligible country. This passport should be machine-readable and have a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of your e-visa application. Additionally, comprehensive medical insurance covering the entire duration of your stay in Russia is required​​.

The e-visa service is accessible to citizens from 55 different countries, including members of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association. This initiative was relaunched as part of Russia’s efforts to adapt to the evolving landscape of international travel, following its suspension in 2020 due to global travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemicfees russian visa

Russia e Visa Price

The cost of a Russia E-Visa varies depending on the source, but generally, it falls within a certain range. The e-visa for all country passports holders will be issued at a cost of around $55, valid for 60 days with a maximum stay of 16 days allowed in Russia. payable online with a debit or credit card.

E visa fee in Russia is paid in Chinese Yuan. In November 2023, when we wrote this article, the desired Chinese yuan is equivalent to 52 dollars. For applications made online, you can pay this amount with your credit card after the application. Those who have difficulty applying for a visa to Russia can facilitate the process by getting consultancy from us for 20 USD. Click on the link for other Russian visa types other than E visa.

Our consultancy fee for Russia e-visa is 20 USD. You can contact us for detailed information.

Frequently asked questions and answers for Russian visa

Russia e Visa PriceDifference Between Standard Visa and E-Visa:
The e-visa is obtained through the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It allows a stay of up to 16 days and is issued within four days. No invitation or proof of trip purpose is needed, but only citizens of specific countries can apply​​.

E-Visa with Standard Visa:
If you already have a standard visa, you do not need an e-visa to travel to Russia​​.

Do Holders of Standard Visas Need an E-Visa?
No, if you have a standard visa, you don’t need an e-visa to travel to Russia​​.

Eligibility for Countries Not on the E-Visa List:
If your country is not listed for e-visa eligibility, you can still travel to Russia but must apply for a standard visa​​.

Can I Enter Through Any Border Checkpoint with an E-Visa?
No, e-visa holders can only enter Russia through specific border checkpoints​​.

Duration of Stay with E-Visa:
The e-visa permits a stay of no longer than 16 days, except in exceptional circumstances such as emergency treatment or natural disasters, where the Ministry of Internal Affairs might extend the stay by issuing a standard visa​​.

Can I Extend My Stay Beyond 16 Days with an E-Visa?
No, unless there are circumstances like emergency treatment or natural disasters. In such cases, the Ministry of Internal Affairs might issue a standard visa to extend your stay​​.

Payment for E-Visa:
The application fee of $52 can be paid using Visa and Mastercard, processed by the Chinese LianLian system​​.

Visa Application Status and Process:
Notifications about the visa application progress will be sent via email. Once the application is approved, you should print the visa notification or save it on your mobile device for use during travel​​.

Reasons for Application Decline:
Applications might be declined due to reasons like previous deportation, violation of stay rules in Russia, or unpaid fines. Errors in the application can be corrected and resubmitted, but incorrect information might lead to revocation of the visa at the border​​.

What if I lose my passport in Russia?
Report the loss at the nearest police station and contact your consulate to obtain a temporary passport. Your visa will then need to be transferred to your new passport​

Can I obtain a new Russian visa within Russia?
No, a new entry visa to Russia must be processed by Russian consulates in foreign countries. No entity in Russia can issue a Russian visa​

Do I need to register my visa in Russia? Yes, you must register your visa with local migration authorities within seven working days upon arrival in Russia. If you’re visiting multiple cities for more than seven

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